This is a sample of a small section of the poster. Many other potential problems are covered in the full sized poster. Image of the full poster, actual size 26" by 39". Equine First Aid Poster "Free UPS Ground Saver Shipping"

Equine First Aid Poster "Free UPS Ground Saver Shipping"

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    Our 26"x39" Equine First-Aid Poster, created by Dr. Ken Feigner, covers twelve of the most common types of equine emergencies, which include colic, laminitis, wounds, lameness, grain overload, hives-bites-stings, bandaging, diarrhea, eye injuries, esophageal obstruction, fever, depression, inappetance, neurologic disorders, first aid essentials, equine anatomy, physical exam and bandaging. Hang it in the tack room or barn for your Go To Guide when an emergency arises.

    This guide is in no way intended as a substitution for care by a licensed veterinarian, nor is it intended to cover every possible illness or eventuality. For the best care of your horse it is vital to establish and maintain a strong client-patient-veterinarian relationship. Your veterinarian is the best source of medical recommendations for you and your horse.

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    A Little Peace Of Mind

    Wasn’t looking to purchase info on horse 1st. aid when I came to this web site but glad I did. There’s a lot of good information here. When something bad happens, you need something quick to guide your thinking until you can talk with the vet. This poster does that and more. Would encourage people to read the info before putting it up so you have some understanding of what’s there.
    Sue Clair

    Fast And Comprehensive First Aid Information

    I purchased this poster for the training barn where I work. The barn owner and our barn manager both liked it a lot and it's now hanging in the aisle as a quick reference in case of Emergencies. The only minor issue is that the typeface is pretty small but that's because there is so much good information. I highly recommend this item.

    Good Information

    Lots of good info on this poster, but wish it was laminated.
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