Here at B and H we do not leave halters on our horses when they are loose in a pen or pasture. Furthermore, we do not advocate using halters in this manner to our customers in any way. B and H Rope Halters strongly recommends that our halters be used for training purposes only and removed after your training session is over. We also feel that leaving your horses haltered when loose is very dangerous and can sometimes be fatal. Any Halter can get caught on a fence post, a tree, a bolt, or a screw for example among many other things. When a halter gets caught on something a Horse's first reaction is to pull until it is free which can often cause injury or death. We have seen more than one horse over the years pull so hard when snagging his/her halter on something die of a broken neck and or internal injuries. Horses sometimes use a hind foot to rub or scratch around his/her neck or face and can get a foot caught up in the halter which can cause injury or even result in death. Please don't use rope halters in cross ties as they are not intended to be used in this manner.  Halter your horses responsibly and teach your horses to be caught easily for your sake and their's. Remember, it only takes a second for an accident like this to happen and the grief it causes to an owner can last a lifetime. We also strongly recommend the use of "The Clip" or " Blocker Tie Ring when tying your horses in a trailer, outside the trailer, hitching post, etc. If you use one of these wonderful devices and your horse panics while being tied up they will get relief when the rope slides through the device. When a horse feels this relief he or she will more often than not stop pulling on the rope.