4 ft. B and H Savvy Sticks with Strings (White and Black) Black and Blue Savvy Sticks
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Economy Training Stick "Free US Shipping"

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    Economy Training Stick $40.99  "Free Shipping"

    Our economy line Training Sticks are 4 ft. long and come with a 5 ft. 7" string including the leather popper weighing in at 11 ounces. This is a well made Training Stick made from strong, yet light weight fiberglass, with a tapered end for easy handling. They have a black leather top and a golf club grip handle. What a great tool for schooling your horse the Natural Horsemanship way.

    Colors Available: Black, Blue, and White

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    Sarah Welty

    Economy Training Stick

    Exactly what I was looking for in my natural horsemanship training school.

    Economy Training Stick Review

    The price is great and the feel is great. I would give it five stars except the handle always pops off. I’m going to have to try and super glue it or something.
    Gaeun Lee

    Great Products

    I’ve ordered many B and H Rope Halters, Leads and Training Sticks. Always satisfied and never regret it. The materials of the rope halters and the lead ropes feel so good and durable. I highly recommend them!

    Training Stick

    Overall, we are pleased with our purchase! We bought a 4' training stick for our 2 yr old paint, during the pandemic, and it arrived within a week with free shipping! It's durable with a nice gripped handle, like a golf putter I guess my husband said. The string is good quality and the leather end is firm. The only thing I'm unhappy about is that I ordered white, thinking that he'd be able to see it better in the dim indoor arena where we work him, and I literally put it in my Tahoe immediately after use, and hold it while we work him in the arena. It's already scratched, looks kinda crappy. But otherwise, it's invaluable to me as an extension of my arm and to teach him better respect of personal space/bubble. We've had him since birth, so training isn't nearly as difficult as it is for some, but I've been wanting a training stick to be able to touch him without coming in. It's also great to attach a white plastic bag to the end/where the rope attaches for desensitizing. No need to buy flags!! I'll definitely be purchasing future supplies and equipment from this quality company. Stay safe everyone!

    Excellent Replacement

    I lost my old "carrot stick" sometime back and everything I found to try to replace it with just wasn't the same. This stick fit the bill perfectly. Not too weight forward, so easy to handle, even for my wife!
    The Bunkhouse, LLC

    Great Product at a Fair price

    Just as good as the professional clinicians products at a much lower price and in a nice choice of colors.

    Great quality! Great price!

    I have bought training sticks and halters from them. Great quality and great price!

    Great materials and workmanship

    Nice tools.


    Just like my favorite clinician's but half the price. I look forward to making more purchases in the near future and am confident that they will be just as wonderful as my stick and string.
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