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Slobber Straps with Flaws

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    Traditional and Two Piece Slobber Straps with Flaws.

    Our Bargain Bin Slobber Straps have some flaws and/or wrinkles in the leather which makes them not quite perfect but still fully functional in every way.They might have an edge that's not perfectly cut, but you'll only notice it if you're looking closely. Save yourself  two or three bucks if you don't mind a few imperfections. All Slobber Straps are sold in Pairs.

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    Slobber Straps with Flaws

    These are perfect for my Mecate reins. I ordered the straps with flaws because they were cheaper, but I couldn't see any flaws in the leather when they arrived. Very happy customer.


    For $12.99 these are unbelievable. Nice thick quality leather. I haven’t found the flaw yet. Every bit as good as the high priced models.
    Lori Jean Ludecke

    Great Product

    These slobber straps are supposed to have flaws, but I can't see them. Leather is thick. No complaints at all.
    Nichole bower


    I ordered these because they were in stock and I didn't mind some flaws. When I received them though, I could not find any flaws, not even minor flaws that I could see. I would buy these again in a heartbeat if I needed another pair.
    Linda Jo Counts

    Very nice

    The slobber straps are so nice looking I do not see any flaws at all. The leather is thick and durable. They really do look nice!
    Maryanne Held

    Flawed? Traditional Slobber Straps

    My horse and I love the traditional slobber straps with minor flaws. I love the savings and the appearance. I was hard pressed to locate the flaw. The leathers quickly broke in and have improved my horse's responsiveness.
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