From Left to Right: Pink, Lime Green, Purple, Red, White, Orange, Black and Blue. Soft and comfortable golf club grip handles. Deluxe Rubber Training Stick Tips. Deluxe Rubber Training Stick Tips. Deluxe Training String with latigo leather popper and an eye splice on each end.

Deluxe Training Stick With Rubber Tip "Free US Shipping"

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    Deluxe Training Stick With Rubber Tip and String $45.99 "Free US Shipping" (Includes the recent $15.00 Surcharge Imposed by UPS and USPS on 4-4-2022)

    B & H introduces our top of the line 4ft. training stick with a 6ft. double braid string and leather popper weighing 11.4 ounces. Our Deluxe stick is also offered in Kids size which measures 3ft. with a 4ft. string and popper. It has a soft rubber golf club grip handle that feels oh so comfortable in your hands! My favorite part is the updated new tip which is made of a sturdy, soft pliable rubber. Our improved string boasts an eye splice on both ends to change out the string and/or latigo popper whenever your ready for a new one or want to update your string color. Kids sticks come with only one eye splice on the end that attaches to the end of the stick.

    Training Stick colors choices: black, blue, white, red, lime green, pink and purple.

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    Veldon Benson

    Great Stick!

    Got this stick to replace the economy stick that the end wore out on. The end on this one seems much better. I will say I like the weight of the economy one better, but this one will be fine! The thing I like the most about buying from B and H is if I have a question, they are very prompt in getting back with me! Thank you Amy!

    Very well made, but too heavy

    I’m old so this is just too heavy for me to flick my wrist! The shipping and communication was great!
    Toni philemon

    Wonderful Stick

    This is a great stick for the money! I have had another brand and did not have the feel that this one has. Love the rubber tip on top. Lasts way longer than other tips. I had my other B and H stick for 3 years... then left it in the wrong place and some equipment was put on top of it. If that would have not happened it would have lasted years longer.
    Truce .W

    Excellent Training Aid

    I received the training stick and it shipped for free from B & H. It has really helped with the training of two yearling colts. Keeps you at a safe distance but the horses catch on quickly. It is well worth the money and is a quality made product. The rubber tip and string are a nice feature too.

    Great Training Stick!

    This is a great stick! It has good control and the string is amazing. Easy to take on and off. I just wish the handle was just a tad bigger around. Totally worth the price and got here so fast. Thank you B and H.

    Great Stick for the Price

    Excellent quality. Good grip. Much less expensive than Parelli or Anderson's sticks. Great company. Fast service.

    Easy To Handle!

    This stick is just the right size. Some are too long which makes it difficult to handle, so for a shorter person this is perfect! I also like that you can just use it as a non-whip or as a lunge whip.
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