9 ft. Get Down/Foal Rope shown in Black with Blue

Foal Handling String

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    Our Foal handling Strings are used when teaching your youngster to follow the gentle feel of the rope and often used in Parelli's methods. This string can also be used as a Get Down String. Made with the same soft 1/4" premium dual braid polyester yachting rope we use to make our soft Rope Halters with. 9 ft. is the standard length but if you'd like your string longer choose your length up to 14 ft. in the product options above.  Click Here to view Rope Colors.

    Our double braid polyester rope is dirt, sweat, mildew, rot and UV resistant. This means your rope will stay truer to it's original form much longer, without fading, stretching, popping or elongating.

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    Gary Sandusky

    9 ft. Foal Handling String

    For my purposes this small diameter rope with a loop on one end and a popper on the other is perfect. My horse is easily caught and I use the rope for a light touch around his neck so I can hold him in place to fly spray.

    Foal Handling String

    This is exactly what I wanted. Nicely made. Very happy with it.


    Excellent work. Really nicely done. Super quality and craftsmanship. Thank you so much!
    Nicole, Oakland Police Dept.

    Perfect For Our Minis

    I searched everywhere, looking for a leadline for two minis that were donated to the Oakland Police Dept. as service animals. The 12- and 14-foot rope leads for horses were too heavy for their little heads, but these are perfect. Thank you so much!
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