. Our Standard Splice: All B & H Lines come with an Eye Splice and are looped thru the hardware. This way you can replace your hardware if necessary.

Snap Lunge Line with Handle

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    Now you can purchase our 9/16" Training/Lunge Line with a handle on it. All our lunge lines are back spliced, weighted on the ends and come with an eye splice which is looped thru the hardware just Like your favorite Down Under and Savvy Clinicians. This way you can replace the hardware and continue to use your rope. Exception: If ordering an O'ring and Carabiner it will always be hard spliced to your rope. If you prefer your brass twist or stainless steel trigger bull snap hard spliced to your rope please leave a note during checkout. All of our Snap Lines are made with a premium double braid polyester yachting rope and include your choice of Hardware. If you prefer a different length please contact us at amy@bandhropehalters.com and we'll be happy to customize your order. Click here to view our Rope Colors and Hardware selections.

    Our double braid polyester rope is dirt, sweat, mildew, rot and UV resistant. This means your rope will stay truer to it's original form much longer, without fading, stretching, popping or elongating.



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    Tiffany Brafford

    Lead Ropes

    Amazing workmanship! Quality and very competitive pricing! Already placed another order!

    Excellent Snap Line with Handle

    I chose the rotating snap - works great. I like the feel and the weight. And, it looks good with the halter and lead line. A lovely collection.
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