Nickel and Brass Scissor Snaps

Scissor Snaps (Sold Individually, Not In Pairs)

$2.00 - $3.50
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    Scissor Snaps Starting at $2.00 Each

    Add Scissor Snaps to your Feather Lines and we will splice them in permanently or loop them through your lines so you can take them off and on when needed. Just make a note during checkout and we would be glad to add them to your Feather Lines. Scissor snaps are designed to be used with Feather Lines and Reins and not on the end of a Lead Rope. They are just not sturdy enough to withstand a horse pulling on them when tied or lunged.

    Nickel Plated Scissor Snaps $2.00 Each

    Brass Scissor Snaps $3.00 Each

    Stainless Steel Scissor Snaps $3.50 Each


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    Brass Scissor Snaps

    I got these to put on my Feather Light Reins, just to make it easier to put them on and off and they work great. They are well-made, not the cheap ones. I love that they’re brass which means they won’t rust. Thanks again for a well-made product.
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