Pocket Rope Halter - Catch Rope (12 or 14 ft.)

Pocket Rope Halter - Catch Rope (12 or 14 ft.)

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    Pocket Rope Halter - Catch Rope 12 or 14 ft.

    Our Pocket Rope Halters are made with a soft 1/4" double braid polyester yachting rope. No tying is necessary. All you do is pull a loop thru the ring and your pocket rope halter is ready to put on your horse. When you are finished just fold it up and stick it in your pocket so your hands are free to do something else. Click here to view our rope colors.

    Instructions on how to use: Place the ring/rope over and around your horses neck (not over his/her head) then grab the ring with your left hand and pull the ring under the jaw, then push a loop of rope through the ring and place the loop over the nose and pull snug. The Pocket Rope Halter Should Not Be used for Tying Your Horse up.

    Our double braid polyester rope is dirt, sweat, mildew, rot and UV resistant. This means your rope will stay truer to it's original form much longer, without fading, stretching, popping or elongating.


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    Pocket Rope Halter/Catch Rope

    Great quality, love how soft it is and you can put it in your pocket or your saddlebags. I have used this numerous times to catch my horses out on pasture, and I take it with me camping just in case one breaks free from the Highline. Highly recommend.

    Catch Rope/Pocket Rope Halter

    These are the best! I have one in every vehicle and hanging on the main gates for when the ponies make an escape.
    Brian "Clydesdale" Roth

    Pocket Rope Halter for the Win!

    This is perfect for teaching a horse to lead while a bit is in their mouth. It has a decent length but small enough to fit into saddle packs or pouch pockets. I leave it on my horse's neck while riding in a bit so if I need to lead while fully tacked I'm ready to rock n' roll!
    Marry Joe


    Excellent work. Really nicely done. Super quality and craftsmanship. Thank you so much!


    Excellent work. Really nicely done. Super quality and craftsmanship. Thank you so much!

    Great Product

    Super handy, great price.

    So Handy!

    Love this handy rope - can use it to catch in the pasture & useful while switching tack at shows. Love the color options too!
    Mike clay

    works as it should

    shipped lightning fast as usual

    Super handy horse gathering tool

    Another awesome product. And for getting the horses out of the pasture when needed, it's better than my standard catch strings because it has the nifty metal loop that allows you to place the string around the horses head and nose, making the leading process more like using your rope halter, only without carrying all that STUFF. The 12' length gives plenty of room to maneuver when needed. The horse follows along perfectly and happily. Black/tan zigzag color is gorgeous and matches my other great B and H rope halter/leads/reins collection! Quality, as always, is top shelf. Thanks Amy!

    Great quality and service

    I just love the way this rope feels! I keep this halter as an emergency halter/rope for trail riding because it is so light and versatile. B&H has wonderful customer service and really fast shipping too!
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