Standard Two Knot Rope Halter. Optional Braided Noseband in Blue. Lime green soft rope halter shown with optional braided noseband and decorative cheek knots in Navy. If you would like a  braided noseband choose braided noseband in the drop down menu. You can also add decorative cheek knots from the drop down menu.
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Soft Rope Halters

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    B & H Soft Rope Halters $23.99 (2 knots on the Noseband is standard and used by your favorite Savvy Clinician) 

    Our soft Rope Halters are made with a 1/4" premium double braid polyester yachting rope. This is the same type of rope many of your Natural Horsemanship Clinicians use, including your favorite Savvy Clinician! Available with 4 knots on the noseband for Yearling size and larger. Click here to view our Rope Colors. Lead rope shown in photo above is not included.

    Rope Halters are intended to be used for training purposes only and should never be left on unattended horses. Also, make sure your lead rope is always attached to both Fiador loops. If attached to only one loop your fiador will loosen, thus causing the loops to become smaller, and eventually you will have an unusable halter.

    If you are ordering the optional rings for your halters do not use them for tying, crossing tying, lunging or working your horse on the ground from just one side. The rings are intended for Riding use only. When pulled to one side from the ground or when lunging the fiador knot may loosen and come undone, virtually leaving you with no loops to attach your lead. (This is also not a safe way to tie or cross tie your horses). No returns on halters with rings will be accepted if used in this manner.

    Also, if you would like a two colored braided noseband choose braided noseband in the drop down menu above, pick your primary color and leave us a note during checkout on which secondary color you would like for us to use. If you would also like to add the decorative cheek knots please choose that option in the drop down menu and leave a note during checkout if you would like us to use two different colors. Please note that our optional cheek knots are purely decorative and are made with the same paracord used for braiding our nosebands.

    Our double braid polyester rope is dirt, sweat, mildew, rot and UV resistant. This means your rope will stay truer to it's original form much longer, without fading, stretching, popping or elongating.


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    Soft Rope Halter for Growing Gelding

    Finally, a rope halter that fits my gelding's giant noggin. I like that B And H has several sizes and colors. It means everyone in the herd gets a good fit and it's easy to tell whose is whose. Customer service is great, and shipping is quick.

    Soft Rope Halters

    I highly recommend the B and H rope halters. I have bought over five of them and they fit well, and are long lasting. They also have different colors and sizes. The latest one I purchased fits my 10 month old quarter horse colt. He is a very big colt, and I ordered one that fits him.
    Beth Burgmeyer

    Fantastic Rope Halters That Fit Well

    I have ordered quite a few B and H soft rope halters this past year. Their halters fit my horses better than the more expensive natural horsemanship halters I've gotten from other places. The halters are high quality, soft, and fit amazingly well. I'll never order halters from a different place.
    Karma L.

    Great Halter

    I love the soft rope halter I bought. Many compliments on the pacific blue and navy color.

    Soft Rope Halters

    I love them, they were exactly what I wanted.

    Soft Rope Halter

    I bought the soft rope halter in foal size. I haven’t used it yet since I don’t have a foal yet but it seems like a really good quality halter. I will definitely buy again!

    Soft Rope Halter

    Love the quality and they are perfectly made. I've purchased 2 halters and a lead rope. My gelding is 15.3 and fits perfect In a large size!

    Soft Rope Halter

    Very nice quality halter, just what I was hoping for. I wasn't sure which size to get, so Amy advised me, and that personal connection made all the difference. Thank you.

    Soft Rope Halter

    One of the best tied halters I have ever purchased! Will definitely order again. Customer service was great and shipping was fast.
    Marc Utheim

    Soft Rope Halter

    These are top quality and makes everyone else's seem like junk. I went looking for a smaller sized halter and all of the shelf items at various stores were so large. Good luck adjusting those. These B & H are soft and real easy to tie. Got three horses, bought three B & H halters. All the other junk hangs in the tack room.
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